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Update to AEF Season 3, Division 1

Skatemasters have forfeited from the league, effective immediately.
Their series’ that they are yet to play will be scored against them as a 2-0.
Results from games that they have already played will stand, but Skatemasters will be ineligible to play in the AEF Season 3, Division 1 Finals.
As a further punishment, their bond will be forfeited.
Richard ‘Prae’ Farr
AEF Admin Officer

Update to AEF Season 3, Division 3

The Division 3 team known as ‘Young Kings’ will be removed from the schedule of our Season 3 League, as they have been unable to communicate effectively with admins and not shown to any of their series so far.
They will not be replaced at this current time by another team and Division 3 teams will be communicated with directly if this changes.
Richard ‘Prae’ Farr
AEF Admin Officer

Match Recap: Skatemasters vs Generation of Miracles

Skatemasters vs Generations of Miracles
AEF Season 3 Division 1
Link to series on dotabuff:

The first series of week 2 AEF season 3 would see two successful Division 1 teams in Week 1 collide for a heated matchup. Team solidification would be the biggest inquest into the favorite of this series, and how those that would not normally form a solid five could play within themselves and others to come out on top.
Game one’s draft highlighted an immediate advantage for SK8, a Brood pick lacking a strong lane counter. The mid player lordboonz (In game: Phuc Nguyen) took control of the spider against a Tidehunter. Relatively un-phased by outside interference early because of pre-game skirmishing going to the advantage of SK8, …

Match Recap: MINT vs YSMR

Mum I Need Tangoes! vs Yellow Solo Mid Reborn
AEF Season 3 Division 2
Link to series on Dotabuff:

AEF Season 3 has begun in peculiar fashion with the opening match in Division 1, between ‘Unlucky’ and ‘N9’ being rescheduled due to other commitments. Nevertheless, there was still captivating Dota to be played, casted and viewed by the Australian Dota community with the opening best of three match in Division 2 between ‘Yellow Solo Mid Reborn’ and ‘Mum I Need Tangoes! (MINT)’.
MINT was heading into this series as clear favorites based on AEF season 2 results and the relatively unchanged rosters from both themselves and Yellow Solo Mid Reborn. However, MINT’s position 5 support Stormborn was unable to partake in game one …

Meet the teams!

Meet the teams!

With Season 3 starting tonight, we thought it would be a great idea to let everyone know whos in the teams playing for each Division!
First up, Division 1, who are playing for their share of $4150 AUD!





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