AEF Season 1, Division 1, Round 1 Summary

The AEF’s Division 1 tournament is off to a running start with the completion of Round 1!
After a break over Christmas, it’s exciting for all of us here at AEF to be bringing more Dota2 action to our OCE supporters and International viewers, with the best teams in the scene continuing their battle for the AUD7000 prize pool.

The round 1 results showed that we certainly have some strong competition, with all four series that were played over the weekend going to a straight 2-0 result.

Godot lead his team ‘SeeYouAgain’ to victory over ‘WhyShouldI?’, enjoying some sweet revenge after WSI upset them by stealing a game when they met in the Qualifiers.

Natural9 continued their amazing run through the event, securing a quick clean series against Princes of Persia, while we all enjoyed an exciting Saturday where NoFancy, newly renamed to Skatemasters (SK8), ran over DTT Gaming in a thrilling 2-0 upset.

Our last match of Round 1 was between TheReturn, who scrapped through the qualifiers, playing up against TheLastSpartans, who were invited into Division 1 following the unfortunate departure of TeamNop. TheReturn showed that they certainly didn’t get into Division 1 by luck, with solid drafting setting up an easy 2-0 to get them off to a good start.

Round 1 included some very interesting drafting as teams are still getting used to the new patch and new map, but even as teams continue to prepare for their opponents, one can only think that maybe these teams have some interesting strats hidden away for match-ups.

Even more exciting news is that Division 2 has started, with teams playing for $1200 AUD and their chance to be promoted to Division 1 at the end of the season.

We hope that everyone has had a great break and is ready for some more competitive OCE Dota2!


Written by: Praetorian

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