AEF Season 2, Division 1 Update

Today we are announcing action taken against team GETOUT.

GETOUT forfeited their series against TBS on 20 June, because their captain Godot ‘thought [the game] was tomorrow’. GETOUT also forfeited their series against Sugoi Squad on 5th July, this time with no communication. Attempts to contact Godot via Discord as well as Facebook were unsuccessful. Furthermore, GETOUT has yet to pay the bond required by AEF as part of the terms and conditions for joining Season 2.

AEF finds team GETOUT in general, and their captain Godot specifically, in breach of Season 2 Rules and Regulations in the following:
2.3 Bond
3.6 Lateness
7.2 Unprofessional

Specifically, failure to pay the bond; forfeiture of game series by lateness in excess of 20 minutes; not showing up to a game, without notification.

Therefore, team GETOUT is expelled from AEF Season 2 Division 1, effective immediately. Furthermore, the player Godot is suspended from all further AEF events, until further notice, also effective immediately.


AEF Management

Written by: Praetorian

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