AEF Season 3 is here!

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully you aren’t suffering too much from the Post-TI Shuffle or the recent surge in OCE tournaments!

It’s time to announce the event that so many of you out there have been asking for:

AEF Season 3

With a new season, new and updated rules come. We have changed up the scoring system slightly, thanks to your feedback, as well as opened up a 3rd Division!

The new rules are here: Australia Esports Federation Season 3 Rules and Information

All of our Division 1 and 2 Invites have been sent out, so if you’re in a team and interested, follow the link below to register your interest!

AEF Season 3 Registration Now Open

If you have any inquires, contact us via our Discord , Facebook , Twitter or contact the admin team at!


Written by: Praetorian

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