Announcement of suspension for ‘><>‘

Today we are announcing the suspension of the player ‘><>’, otherwise Calvin Chen, from participation in the AEF Season 1 Division 1 for the duration of 2 rounds.

During the series of Skatemasters vs Princes of Persia, at 5pm 28th Jan 2017, the player known as ‘><>’, otherwise ‘Fish’, was observed entering the AEF Twitch stream using the handle ‘Seventenths’. This occurred at the start of Game 2’s drafting phase. He utilised the Twitch chat to flame/insult the casters and other viewers present, for which the AEF admin ‘Cognus’ issued him with a 600 second timeout. At the end of Game 2, he was observed re-entering the Twitch stream. When Game 3’s drafting stage began, he was once again issued with a timeout, but he was observed to have rejoined/remained in the stream by the time the drafting stage was over and players had loaded into the game. At this point the stream was showing players in game during a pause time, including the casters talking about and viewing items and skills. ‘Cognus’ issued him with a message in all-chat in game, in which he asked him to leave the stream.. He responded with ‘ecks dee’.

At the end of the series, with the agreement of the other 2 admins (Praetorian and chosen1), we decided to issue ‘Fish’ with a suspension from the next scheduled series his team would have participated in.

‘Fish’ attempted to appeal that ban by remonstrating with Praetorian through private message but demonstrated an inability to admit to his wrongdoing and a refusal to understand the severity of his offence. He repeatedly compared his offence to the incident at Dotapit where ‘Arteezy’ was seen on stream during a long in-game pause time. However, in that case the stream was set to a pause screen and ‘Arteezy’ was merely observing the Twitch chat.

‘Fish’ then repeatedly posted multiple complaints on social media regarding his suspension. He demonstrated no remorse, refused to acknowledge his mistake, libelled admins on social media, and played victim.

We view this offence as being very serious due to ‘Fish”s standing as a team captain. While we do not believe he entered the stream with the intention of stream sniping or otherwise cheating, his flippant response, lack of respect towards admins, and his lack of sound judgement in a situation that is very much common sense merits a second penalisation.

As a result, ‘Fish’ has been suspended for a one series of the AEF Division 1 for Stream Sniping and a further one series for abusive misconduct. He will be unable to play in his team’s scheduled matches against N9 and TLS, on the 3rd and 11th of February respectively.


AEF Management

Written by: Praetorian

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