Announcement regarding ‘StYliN’

Events as they occurred.

During Game 1 of Division 1 series TLS vs NF (2pm 1/4/17) a player tagged as ‘Drum before Mum’, alternatively ‘I Bang the Drum then your Mum’, alternatively ‘Big Dick Larry’, played mid for TLS.

Game 1 dotabuff:

He had previously played a series for LSY (Last Spartans Youth) against iClen for Division 2. For this series he was introduced to Cognus as a standin.

Game 1 dotabuff:

Game 2 dotabuff:

At 2:14pm, ‘Killerroo’, the owner and manager of both TLS and LSY, informed Cognus through Twitch chat that ‘Drum before Mum’ was in fact ‘StYliN’, a player rostered onto TLS. He informed him that this was a rules breach as the account he was playing under did not correspond to the account submitted to us. ‘Killerroo’ claimed to have emailed me regarding using a smurf as ‘StYliN’ had apparently broken his phone and was unable to access his main account because of steam mobile confirmation. Cognus further informed him that he had received no such email and re-provided him with my email address. He replied that he had sent it to the wrong address and would resend it.

In between Games 1 and 2, Cognus requested ‘Killerroo’ send evidence that he had tried to send the email to me prior. As Cognus recalled that a player tagged as ‘Big Dick Larry’ had played a series the week prior, he was expecting the mis-sent email to predate that. However, when he checked the Dotabuff data, he realised that the account in question had been played in a Division 2 series for LSY, rather than a Division 1 series for TLS.

This is a breach of 2 rules:

  1. The rules for standins. For Div1 games, any player not registered in a Div1 team, or any Div2 player, may be used as a standin. For Div 2 games, any player not registered in a Div1 or Div2 team may be used as a standin. Standins should only be used in situations when there are not enough available players from a team’s registered roster, and will be looked at by admins on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The rules for smurfs. Players may not create alias (‘smurf’) accounts to hide their identities to get around [the roster lock] rule. If any player is found to breach these rules, both the team and players may be subjected to severe penalties up to and including disqualification from the event.

Action taken.

Because of this, Cognus’s response was the following: The AEF Admin banned ‘StYliN’ from further participation in the AEF Season 1 effective immediately. There was obviously an attempt to deceive admins and to deliberately violate the AEF Season 1 Rules and Regulations.

Further response.

Firstly, it should be reminded that TLS and LSY are run by the same organisation, The Last Spartans, of whom ‘Killerroo’ is owner and manager of both teams. Therefore, we cannot accept that LSY played with ‘StYliN’ either 1) Not knowing who he was, or 2) Not knowing he was registered to TLS. Therefore, we find LSY as a whole to be culpable in the rules breach. Further, whilst ‘Killerroo’ has shown cooperation and understanding (ref. Discord conversation above), ultimately as manager and owner it is his responsibility to ensure that his teams and his players are in order.

As a result, we will be fining LSY AUD200, equivalent to their bond for Season 1. This should send a sufficient message to both the team, the players, and the organisation that wilful breaches of the rules will not be tolerated.

AEF Admin Team


Written by: Praetorian

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