Match Recap: Skatemasters vs Generation of Miracles

Skatemasters vs Generations of Miracles AEF Season 3 Division 1 Link to series on dotabuff: The first series of week 2 AEF season 3 would see two successful Division 1 teams in Week 1 collide for a heated matchup. Team solidification would be the biggest inquest into the favorite

Match Recap: MINT vs YSMR

Mum I Need Tangoes! vs Yellow Solo Mid Reborn AEF Season 3 Division 2 Link to series on Dotabuff: AEF Season 3 has begun in peculiar fashion with the opening match in Division 1, between ‘Unlucky’ and ‘N9’ being rescheduled due to other commitments. Nevertheless, there was still captivating

Meet the teams!

With Season 3 starting tonight, we thought it would be a great idea to let everyone know whos in the teams playing for each Division! First up, Division 1, who are playing for their share of $4150 AUD! Natural9: Balla blackshatan cas158 hahaguo123 Xemistry Skatemasters: love. lordboonz rizz RogerDodger VitaminLight

AEF Season 3 is here!

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully you aren’t suffering too much from the Post-TI Shuffle or the recent surge in OCE tournaments! It’s time to announce the event that so many of you out there have been asking for: AEF Season 3 With a new season, new and updated rules come. We

AEF Season 2 Begins!

We are proud to announce something many of you have been waiting for: AEF Season 2! We bring into this season new teams, a shorter format and a new cast team for those in Division 2! The prizepool for our 7 week season will be as follows: Division 1 will

Conclusion of AEF Season 1 and the immediate future!

We would like to thank all teams for participating in our inaugural tournament, AEF Season 1! Congratulations to the winners of Division 1: Natural 9! Balla Xemistry lordboonz Shatan cas158   Congratulations also to the winners of Division 2: NoTricks! RaiN 425 HiFish! SS.Nelson soultaker     This has been

Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017

Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017 This report concerns the bahaviour of team SeeYouAgain during their Round 13 series against team NoFancy/Skatemasters, for the AEF Season 1 Division 1, on 8 April 2017. When the lobby was hosted, a number of Division 2 players, notably Xuboy, Horus, CTI

Announcement regarding ‘StYliN’

Events as they occurred. During Game 1 of Division 1 series TLS vs NF (2pm 1/4/17) a player tagged as ‘Drum before Mum’, alternatively ‘I Bang the Drum then your Mum’, alternatively ‘Big Dick Larry’, played mid for TLS. Game 1 dotabuff: He had previously played a series for

Our New Studio

After many weeks of work, the AEF proudly unveils its new studio. We intend to use our studio to bring you the latest and best quality productions for the e-sports events we cover. Of course, we will be providing coverage of the AEF Season 1 Dota 2 league every night

Round 2 Summary

With the closing of Round 2, we certainly have some favorites developing early into AEF Season 1. Natural9 took down SeeYouAgain in a thrilling 2-0, with Shatan showing everyone in Game 2 why his KotL should be 1st banned, as he virtually defended his base solo, leading to a phenomenal


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