Division 1 Team Seedings

Cognus and Cerulean ranked the Division 1 teams! Opinions are theirs alone. Fox Gaming If we count their previous branding under Templar Esports, Fox Gaming has participated in every single season of AEF, dating back to October 2016. Finishing joint-6th in Season 3, they have approached the new season with

Season 4 Division 1 Team List

-DIVISION ONE TEAM LIST- We are proud to announce the teams that will be battling it out for a slot at the Grand Finals that will be held at Melbourne University. And the prestigious title of Champions of Division 1. Here are your teams! – 7th Heaven – AEF Leftovers

AEF Season 4 Registration

Registrations for AEF DOTA 2 SEASON 4 are OPEN NOW! The Australia Esports Federation is delighted to announce their first Dota 2 event for 2018. We have listened to your feedback, and for this season, we have decided to finish with LAN FINALS! 🎉 More info regarding the event itself

Update to AEF Season 3, Division 1

Skatemasters have forfeited from the league, effective immediately. Their series’ that they are yet to play will be scored against them as a 2-0. Results from games that they have already played will stand, but Skatemasters will be ineligible to play in the AEF Season 3, Division 1 Finals. As

Update to AEF Season 3, Division 3

The Division 3 team known as ‘Young Kings’ will be removed from the schedule of our Season 3 League, as they have been unable to communicate effectively with admins and not shown to any of their series so far. They will not be replaced at this current time by another

Match Recap: Skatemasters vs Generation of Miracles

Skatemasters vs Generations of Miracles AEF Season 3 Division 1 Link to series on dotabuff: The first series of week 2 AEF season 3 would see two successful Division 1 teams in Week 1 collide for a heated matchup. Team solidification would be the biggest inquest into the favorite

Match Recap: MINT vs YSMR

Mum I Need Tangoes! vs Yellow Solo Mid Reborn AEF Season 3 Division 2 Link to series on Dotabuff: AEF Season 3 has begun in peculiar fashion with the opening match in Division 1, between ‘Unlucky’ and ‘N9’ being rescheduled due to other commitments. Nevertheless, there was still captivating

Meet the teams!

With Season 3 starting tonight, we thought it would be a great idea to let everyone know whos in the teams playing for each Division! First up, Division 1, who are playing for their share of $4150 AUD! Natural9: Balla blackshatan cas158 hahaguo123 Xemistry Skatemasters: love. lordboonz rizz RogerDodger VitaminLight

AEF Season 3 is here!

Welcome back everyone! Hopefully you aren’t suffering too much from the Post-TI Shuffle or the recent surge in OCE tournaments! It’s time to announce the event that so many of you out there have been asking for: AEF Season 3 With a new season, new and updated rules come. We

AEF Season 2, Division 1 Update

Today we are announcing action taken against team GETOUT. GETOUT forfeited their series against TBS on 20 June, because their captain Godot ‘thought [the game] was tomorrow’. GETOUT also forfeited their series against Sugoi Squad on 5th July, this time with no communication. Attempts to contact Godot via Discord as


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