Division 1

AEF Season 5 Champions

Congratulations to Athletico Esports! They are your AEF Season 5 Champions! In a dominating series reminiscent of the TI7 grand finals, Athletico demolished Seventh Heaven 3-0 to take first place. They are the first and only team so far to win multiple AEF seasons back-to-back. This also means Athletico have

AEF Season 4 Champions!

Presenting Water, Champions of AEF Season 4! From left to right, Tekcor, Splicko (Captain), ElusionJesus, Fury, Matino Water took out the Grand Finals against Focus in a hotly contested Best of 5 series, with the score of 3-1! Photo credit goes to Michelle Mannering, who also made an awesome summary

Season 5 Division 1 Seedings

Cognus: 1st Seed: Water Water are the returning Champions from last season. With no roster changes since, and a dominating 3-0 victory in the MPGL qualifier, I expect great things from them. 2nd Seed: Natural 9 Despite their upset by Focus at lan, N9 remain a force to be reckoned

Division 1 Team Seedings

Cognus and Cerulean ranked the Division 1 teams! Opinions are theirs alone. Fox Gaming If we count their previous branding under Templar Esports, Fox Gaming has participated in every single season of AEF, dating back to October 2016. Finishing joint-6th in Season 3, they have approached the new season with

Season 4 Division 1 Team List

-DIVISION ONE TEAM LIST- We are proud to announce the teams that will be battling it out for a slot at the Grand Finals that will be held at Melbourne University. And the prestigious title of Champions of Division 1. Here are your teams! – 7th Heaven – AEF Leftovers

AEF Season 2, Division 1 Update

Today we are announcing action taken against team GETOUT. GETOUT forfeited their series against TBS on 20 June, because their captain Godot ‘thought [the game] was tomorrow’. GETOUT also forfeited their series against Sugoi Squad on 5th July, this time with no communication. Attempts to contact Godot via Discord as

Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017

Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017 This report concerns the bahaviour of team SeeYouAgain during their Round 13 series against team NoFancy/Skatemasters, for the AEF Season 1 Division 1, on 8 April 2017. When the lobby was hosted, a number of Division 2 players, notably Xuboy, Horus, CTI

Announcement regarding ‘StYliN’

Events as they occurred. During Game 1 of Division 1 series TLS vs NF (2pm 1/4/17) a player tagged as ‘Drum before Mum’, alternatively ‘I Bang the Drum then your Mum’, alternatively ‘Big Dick Larry’, played mid for TLS. Game 1 dotabuff: https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3090333237 He had previously played a series for

Announcement of suspension for ‘><>‘

Today we are announcing the suspension of the player ‘><>’, otherwise Calvin Chen, from participation in the AEF Season 1 Division 1 for the duration of 2 rounds. During the series of Skatemasters vs Princes of Persia, at 5pm 28th Jan 2017, the player known as ‘><>’, otherwise ‘Fish’, was

Round 2 Summary

With the closing of Round 2, we certainly have some favorites developing early into AEF Season 1. Natural9 took down SeeYouAgain in a thrilling 2-0, with Shatan showing everyone in Game 2 why his KotL should be 1st banned, as he virtually defended his base solo, leading to a phenomenal


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