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    The mission of the Australia Esports Federation is to grow and empower the Australian Dota 2 scene at both amateur and competitive levels. As such, our tournaments are open to all participants regardless of skill level or experience.

    Unfortunately, today we must announce the decision to issue a suspension on Kadir ‘KazzA’ Akbulut from all events run by the AEF or its associates. This means he will not be allowed to participate as a player, captain, coach, manager, or any other position within a registered team.

    We do not issue this suspension lightly or without due consideration. The player in question has caused numerous issues for the AEF during his participation in the Qualifying Event, and has a history of sandboxing, cheating, and abuse and/or threatening of admins and other players, demonstrating no remorse when caught or questioned. Furthermore, the player in question is experienced in the competitive scene and should have both known better and set a better example.

    This is not a suspension on the other players currently rostered on his team; they are free to participate in our events as part of a different roster. However, any team tagged as ‘Team Nation’, ‘Team Nation Reborn’, or any associated names will not be allowed to participate.

    Finally, anyone who attempts to assist ‘KazzA’ to play in our events on a ‘smurf’ account, or otherwise defy our ban on him, will also be issued with a suspension. If the player in question is found to have been rostered onto a team using one of his ‘smurf’ accounts, the entire team will be issued with a suspension.

    It should be noted that suspensions are a last resort for the AEF, and will only be issued in the most severe circumstances. Suspensions are only issued with a unanimous decision between all standing Tournament Officials. Appeals against suspensions will only be considered after a 1 year grace period, and will only be allowed with exceptional circumstances, again with a concordance between all standing Tournament Officials.


    AEF Management

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