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    With the completion of the first 6 series for Season 1, competition is hotting up with some unexpected results coming in from both groups.
    In Group 1, we saw NoFancy take a quick game 1 off of Natural9, one of the tournament favourites, but game 2 saw a quick return shot and a swift win by N9 to hold the series to a draw. Meanwhile the Templars won 2-0 against Fingering after some very interesting drafting decisions from Fingering and NoTimbersaw snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in game 1 against TheReturn but failed to secure the sweep after losing to carry Riki.
    In Group 2, it was a different story with expected wins coming from TeamNope, SeeYouAgain and DTT Gaming, all of whom will be getting watched closely by their next opponents.
    With the completion of Round 1, we unfortunately are forced to disqualify Bloody Indo Gaming, with all games against them resulting in an automatic 2-0.
    Stay tuned for more updates as we head into Round 2 and ‘Super Sunday’ with heaps of games to look forward to!

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