Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017

Report on SeeYouAgain’s behaviour on 8 April 2017

This report concerns the bahaviour of team SeeYouAgain during their Round 13 series against team NoFancy/Skatemasters, for the AEF Season 1 Division 1, on 8 April 2017.

When the lobby was hosted, a number of Division 2 players, notably Xuboy, Horus, CTI and CutnPaste, from team TheBuddySquad, as well as Antigens, joined the lobby. According to Xuboy he was requested to standin for SYA, as well as to find other standins. However, no actual rostered SYA members were present. He was adamant that he was informed there would be ‘a couple of SYA players’ present.

According to Fish (><>), the captain of NF/SK8, the rostered members of SYA were absent due to participation in the ZOTAC Asia Qualifiers, which were being played concurrently to the AEF series. He had previously requested a reschedule due to this and had been denied.

There was no way for either admin to verify this because neither admin had any of the rostered SYA members on their friends lists.

Chocmint, the manager of SYA, was contacted querying the location of the rostered SYA members. She replied that she was supposed to play but was delayed in traffic, and that no one else from the roster was contactable.

It was explained to her that as per the AEF rules on standins, we would not be allowing 4-5 standins to be used, as there was no explanation for the whereabouts of the rostered members.

Standins should only be used in situations when there are not enough available players from a team’s registered roster, and will be looked at by admins on a case-by-case basis.

Thusly, NF/SK8 were awarded a default 2-0 victory.

Shortly after, an email was sent to SYA management requesting information regarding the forfeit, namely their attempt to use standins without explanation or prior request, and the absence without explanation of any rostered SYA members.

Chocmint replied without providing an explanation as to the whereabouts of the SYA rostered players. This is the most important point of contention because AEF suspects that SYA attempted to circumvent the standin rules in order to allow them to participate in both the AEF series as well as ZOTAC at the same time.

As can be seen, as of 12 April 2017 (4 days after the incident), no response was forthcoming from any representative of SYA regarding the query. At this juncture it was decided that a penalty needed to be applied. A further point is that in Round 10, on 19 March 2017, SYA forfeited Game 3 against DTT at 5 mins in, because they wanted to play a different tournament.

This demonstrates that SYA have a recurring behaviour pattern of prioritising other tournaments over AEF scheduled series, despite the AEF schedule for the entirety of Season 1 having been available before commencement. It demonstrates a lack of professionalism and respect, particularly coming from a team that represents the Australian scene in other regions.

Therefore, SYA are penalised 6 league points, equivalent to 2 2-0 wins.

Elliot ‘Cognus’ Yung

AEF Admin


Written by: Praetorian

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