Round 2 Summary

With the closing of Round 2, we certainly have some favorites developing early into AEF Season 1. Natural9 took down SeeYouAgain in a thrilling 2-0, with Shatan showing everyone in Game 2 why his KotL should be 1st banned, as he virtually defended his base solo, leading to a phenomenal comeback.
What was even more surprising for us was that we finally got our first full series, with Skatemasters coming back from 1 game down against black sheep TheReturn. In what was a series of unfortunate events, including a max respawn time for Roshan, TheReturn were taken out in Game3, as ‘><>’’s Phantom Assassin got that legendary, elusive triple crit to seal the win.

Our Saturday games were also much closer than the results showed, as Princes of Persia took down TheLastSpartans after some very dicey decisions were made by both teams. Merchant, aka Dalimagic, showed off his amazing Clockwork skills, easing over a period of shakiness for his team.
This set up for a glorious series between DTT Gaming and WhyShouldI?, as manager/standin KaOLee ran away in game 1 with 46! stolen intelligence on her Silencer. DTT showed a very welcome return to form after getting upset in Round 1, xRag’s rejuvenated Meepo and Ursa plays amongst the highlights.

Written by: Praetorian

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