Season 5 Division 1 Seedings


1st Seed: Water
Water are the returning Champions from last season. With no roster changes since, and a dominating 3-0 victory in the MPGL qualifier, I expect great things from them.

2nd Seed: Natural 9
Despite their upset by Focus at lan, N9 remain a force to be reckoned with, as seen by their win at GIC lan scarce a month later. As long as their drafting doesn’t get too greedy that is.

3rd Seed: Dokidoki
The rebranded Ponlulz. On paper their roster is insanely strong with the likes of 343 and Tudi. SEA ping and lack of clear in-game leadership might be an issue however.

4th Seed: Great Dango Family
3 ex-Fox members provide a solid core to this new roster. They came 2nd in the MPGL qualifier, and should be quite competitive, barring somewhat shallow hero pools on their cores.

5th Seed: The Buddy Squad
TBS reformed at last. These players have a long history together and have always been reasonably successful as a team. I don’t see them getting past the middle of the pack however.

6th Seed: Trident Esports
Formerly Spag and Sons, the team that won promotion from Division 2. Trident are a stable roster that have plenty of experience together. Good teamwork and solid drafting should compensate for skill discrepancy.

7th Seed: Seventh Heaven
The all-new roster only retains Captain Rogerdodger from last season. They have skill and ego aplenty, but they also struggled against Pink in the playoffs.

8th Seed: How Might We
The core of Sugoi reforged with House and 123, on paper this team should rank higher than 8th. However, the Slickz-wtHung-Vynato trio has consistently shown more style than substance, and their recent last place at GIC lan doesn’t convince me otherwise.


1st Seed: Natural 9
Let’s face it, These guys have been together and on top of the AUS scene for a reason. They are DAMN good. They easily made it to LAN finals but didn’t take it on the day. I think that was a pretty big upset and that they are going to come back into Season 5 refocused and their eyes on the prize. Especially with Boonz coming back into the scene.

2nd Seed: Water
Water being the last seasons winners are easily in a high seed for me in Season 5. Similar to N9 they had no issues getting a LAN invite and have some of the smartest and most talented AUS players on their roster at the moment. It’s a real toss up between N9 and water for 1st and 2nd but N9 still take the first spot for me.

3rd Seed: DokiDoki
Just a look at the roster for these guys is enough to get them a high rank on it’s own. A refomed ponlulz (that did make it to last lan but did not perform that well) only stands a better chance with a fresh new lineup. But teamwork is always an unknown factor with new stacks so I can’t put them any higher than 3rd.

4th Seed: The Buddy Squad
These guys have been playing together for quite a while so big points for team chemistry. They never really had a great deal of success though. But individually these players hopefully have matured enough in their play and synergy that taking a top 4 spot is not out of the question.

5th Seed: Great Dango Family
The reformation of 3/5 Fox players is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand they have some great players that know how to work together. But on the other maybe those 3 players were the reason that fox didn’t make it further last season. Time will tell so I give them a 5th Seed.

6th Seed: How Might We
After last season’s performance from a similar stack I don’t have exceptionally high expectations from HMW in season 5. ON paper their players are good but up against the other Div 1 Teams I think they might fall short.

7th Seed: 7th Heaven
No I promise this is just a coincidence. But after some seriously lacklustre plays from last season I just can’t see them going exceptionally well. That being said, they have some nice names on the roster like Sacri and the recently Pizza partied Rizz. If they can leverage those players and fly straight, they might just have a chance this season.

8th Seed: Trident Esports
Now this is not a name I thought i’d be seeing in Division 1. But you gotta hand it to the guys at Trident for getting into the scene. Now trident is made up of Spag and Sons from last seasons Div 2. They had an amazing performance in their own division a few months ago winning it flawlessly. But Division 1 is a whole other stomping ground full of some much bigger fish.

Written by: Elliot Yung

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